Agroecoperson Amber Heckelman was recently awarded the Bullitt Foundation Environmental Fellowship Award (it’s been all the news, what do you mean you hadn’t already heard? 😉

We’re all tremendously proud of Amber and excited about this next phase in her research and profound early career accomplishment!

It is a fittingly high note, one hopes, to “go out on”, as the Chappell Lab at WSU-V will not, formally speaking, be continuing. I (Jahi) have taken a position at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. It’s not yet a given that I won’t continue blogging here (as sparse as said blogging has been for a while now), but there will be some sort of transition.

I anticipate AgroEcoPeople continuing, as the people I’ve worked with are still around, and indeed, I’m still working with Amber, Jude, James, and Becca, as well as Emily, Michael, Janel, and Jess, but we shall see what happens. But watch this space, if you would!  ~ErstwhileAgroEcoProf/J

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