field_skreenJanel M. Skreen recently successfully defended her M.S. thesis, “Implications of Social Networks in Agriculture: Nitrogen Use Efficiencies of North Coast California Winegrape Growers”, to great acclaim. I’ve received *several* unsolicited comments from WSU colleagues about how great her defense presentation was, and how her work did a good job showing off the power of the kind of socio-ecological research our lab was meant to support. So, congrats Janel! And thanks to her other two committee members, co-chair Prof. Steve Sylvester, and my dear friend Dr. Jennifer Blesh.

What a banner summer for the Chappell Lab, thanks to the excellent students we’ve had working in it! And James hasn’t even posted about his adventures in the Peruvian Ant Course yet…

So, we wish Janel the best of luck in her future endeavors! (Including getting her thesis published! 🙂

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