Max Ajl’s piercing & perceptive review of Beginning to End Hunger–don’t know how I missed it before, but important questions for further consideration and thought.

Agroecology and Rural Economics Research Corps

Beginning to End HungerIt has become counterintuitive for people that the issue of hunger is almost never one of an absolute lack of food, whether we’re talking cascading harvest failures, war-induced famine, or workaday poverty.

From poor and agriculturally de-developed Yemen suffering amidst a catastrophic U.S.-Saudi war, to India under colonial Britain’s Late Victorian Holocausts, if someone is starving, it is not because there is no food.

Yemenis are so poor because U.S. bombing has so leveled the agricultural economy as to reduce salaries to nothing, making merchants’ food unaffordable. Bureaucrats in colonial India exported grain while the gaunt perished on the side of streets.

Scarcity is social.

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