Sustainable intensification – miracle or mirage?
The wonderful Geoff Tansey weighs in on a recent meeting.

Geoff Tansey blog

That was the title of a conference at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, in London on the 10th and 11th of December 2012.

Because it was held under the Chatham House Rule you may find this a rather frustrating blog. I was there as a trustee of the Food Ethics Council, which was a media partner for the event. The FEC had no say in the programme but we were able to put out some of our materials including the special issue of the Council’s magazine on Sustainable intensification: unravelling the rhetoric.

It was gratifying to hear on the grapevine that some people were reading it during the meeting as they found what we had put together was more interesting than what some of the speakers were saying on the podium.

Key question

One speaker asked participants the key question: why was the meeting talking…

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