“A rant on priorities in ecology and conservation ….”
Can I just say: Hell, yes.

Ideas for Sustainability


DISCLAIMER: In the following blog post, I demonstrate that I am an evil, cynical person. If you feel offended, just keep that in mind (and take it with a sense of humour). Blogs are meant to initiate discussion after all…

Our world has been changing since the very first second and from a human perspective, and with huge human impact, especially so in the last 50 to 100 years. We were ‘fruitful and increase[d] in number and fill[ed] the Earth‘ (Genesis 9:3), developed technologies, communication, improved transportation, and produced a lot of substances that will influence Earth long after we have gone. We have managed to change the climate and get rid of most of what was natural around us. Open your eyes and enjoy the Anthropocene at its peak.

All that makes me think about myself (yes, I am one the first world blokes having a…

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