Outside Articles/Discussion Posts II

A question came up of whether or not you can use outside articles I post on the blog for the course, such as Sen’s “Population: Delusion and reality.” The answer is that you may, but only for two (2) of your 5 entries.  Part of what I want you all to do is acquire the skills of finding and connecting current events with course concepts.  Potential resources where you can find other outside articles are posted in Course-Related Links on the blog.

For example, for overpopulation, searching for “human population” on news.google.com turns up a couple of promising hits, including two from the reputable Guardian newspaper. Searching for “overpopulation” on Google (not specifically google news, but google.com) turns up at least 4 usable sources in the first two pages (from National Geographic, CNN, ScienceDaily, and Time magazine). Searching ScienceDaily specifically turns up some more.

And of course, Wikipedia can be a valuable place to find potential good sources, NOT to use as your outside article itself. That is, good Wikipedia entries have links to current and classic materials, in the news and in scientific journals. The entry on Overpopulation has at least 4 good news story references in the first 14 listed references, in additional to its listed “Further Readings.” Do not do not do not do not use Wikipedia as your article, but it can lead you to good articles.

These assignments will require continuing to develop your research skills, and exercising your judgment about legitimate sources. If in doubt, you can also search for scientific journal articles on various Library databases or Google Scholar. The library also has specialists to help you navigate these resources if you haven’t used them in the past or have some questions.  And, keep in mind–there is no reason you can’t use your five article discussion posts to start doing background research for your term paper.

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