Worlds colliding: it’s interesting to see sci-fi author, blogger, journalist, co-editor of Boing Boing and xkcd beloved Cory Doctorow commenting on listening to my friend and colleague Raj Patel critique the Green Revolution. Doctorow describes Raj (who trained at Oxford, London School of Economics, and Cornell) as having an “incisive and contrarian” take on global agriculture and social justice. And he concurs that Raj is (as always, imho) worth listening to. (And amusingly, to me at least, Raj’s view is so established as to be uncontroversial in some reputable, if obscure-to-the-average-bear, venues, such as the Journal of Peasant Studies or among the millions of small farmer members of La Vía Campesina, but is uncommon enough that Doctorow had “never heard anyone talk about the demerits of the ‘Green Revolution’ in agriculture like this”. Going between different audiences in the area of food and sustainability practically counts as code-switching.)

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