“Food security in Latin America”, written by Prof. Chappell, lab alumna Heidi Sears, and current MS student James Moore, was released online this week. Unfortunately, this chapter of Europa’s “Regional Surveys of the World: South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2012” (well, and all the other chapters of it) are behind a pay wall. But snippets of the South America, Central America and the Caribbean survey can be seen at Routledge’s Facebook page, and the editors have put up some “tasters”, like this.

If you have an itch to have a physical copy that must be scratched (the itch, not the physical copy), it’s “only” $888.00.  (If you are of a mind to pony that amount up, definitely don’t do it to support us–there are no royalties or anything. Otherwise, go for it!)

Oh, and if you do have access to the online Europa collection, here is the direct link to the entry.

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