So #btehbook is finally, finally, finally out!!!

Errrm, mostly.

It appears that distribution in Europe, at least through Wiley & Sons, will still be a couple weeks yet. That’s about as exact as my information is. So when you go to your Blackwells or such and see that it is “Out of Stock,” don’t be fooled! It is simply not… in stock, yet.

But some few, we happy few, have already received copies:

And the happy author himself:

So if you’ve not received your copy yet, despair not–book things come to those who wait.

As always, don’t forget that you can get 30% off with offer code 17M6662 by buying direct from UC Press, and when ordering (eventually) in the UK, through buying from Wiley & Sons (call +44 (0) 1243 843291 to place your order).

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