9780520293090_comp-proof_revThe full first chapter of my forthcoming book, Beginning to End Hunger, is now available on UC Press’s page for BTEH! 

This introductory chapter, titled “Food and famine futures, past and present,” introduces Beginning to End Hunger’s main themes, and puts them into broader context by way of a brief history of thought on hunger and famines and my own intellectual evolution. It offers eight simple rules for understanding our food systems, correcting common misconceptions about world hunger and how to solve it. It also argues that critical thought and reflection is needed to understand hunger and to understand the reasons why it is so often framed in expedient ways. Rather than focusing on how much food is produced, for example, ending hunger will require re-thinking and re-making the institutions (norms, rules, and values) that govern food systems. This first chapter (and the excerpt) ends with an outline of the overall structure and contents of the book’s subsequent chapters.

So do me (and dare I say, yourself?) a holiday favor and check out the introduction for BTEH, which will be released just some weeks from now in January 2018! And so why not pre-order a copy, too, while you’re there?

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