Interesting book recommendation!


I’ve been a Tom Slee fan for a few years, ever since I read his delightful and illuminating book Nobody Makes You Shop at Walmart, which explains game theory and other economic tools in plain English; in particular, why Walmart is nobody’s first choice but still succeeds in taking over towns, and why a plethora of “choices” can leave you with no good options at all.

Well, Slee has done it again, this time with a well-timed and comprehensive critique of the so-called “Sharing Economy” called What’s Yours Is Mine. He exposes the hyper-capitalism behind the feel-good marketing of Uber, AirBnB, Instagram, TaskRabbit, and other companies.


Slee is a data nerd, and as such he does quite a bit of number crunching, specifically on AirBnB. For example, he was the guy who, with Murray Cox, figured out AirBnB had purged 1,000 homes from their site right before a “data release.”

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