Ideas for Sustainability

By Joern Fischer

A little while ago, Marta Nieto-Romero spent a few months at Leuphana to write her Master’s thesis. With her work on scenario planning she tried to go one step further than many projects do – asking what happens next, once you have a nice set of scenarios? The work is now published in Land Use Policy, and I try to summarise some its most important points here.

Four scenarios for Southern Transylvania. Four scenarios for Southern Transylvania.

Scenario planning is increasingly popular in landscape ecology. With more and more people including scenario planning in their papers and grant proposals, one important questions remains: so you construct nice scenarios … and then what?! To answer this question, we used four scenarios that we had constructed for Southern Transylvania (see above and previous work by Jan Hanspach here) – and we took them back to different stakeholder groups.

Marta asked them which scenarios…

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