...not that kind of psychologist

We had a brief exchange on Twitter, James Coyne, Tom Hartley, Helen South, and me, with some comment Keith Laws and Mark Bolstrige on rudeness and civility.

Occasion is, of course, the current tribal clash between those who think science needs fixing, and those that think – well, as that is not my particular ingroup I will (in the name of civility, and demonstrating my working knowledge of Social Psychology) refrain from labeling them.

A lot of the discussion/debate has not been about the research, but etiquette and behavior (some questions about the research has been brought up also). There has been charges of bullying, of defamation, of snark, of unseemly behavior. I’m not sure if I should bring the popcorn, or bring the swords, or flee in horror.

I have very conflicted thoughts about calls for civility or allowing the rude. I believe in freedom of speech. I think…

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