My talk coming up tonight at the Institute on the Environment at University of Minnesota!

Twin Cities Tropical Environments Network

Twin Cities Tropical Environments Network (TC-Tropics) is happy to announce the third in our series of Fall 2014 events!

Tuesday, November 11 from 6 to 8 pm
Institute on the Environment
1954 Buford Avenue, Saint Paul MN

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s Dr. M. Jahi Chappell will discuss:

The need for action, ethics and values in ecology: Examples from food systems and conservation in the Tropics


Many ecologists acknowledge the importance they place on sustainable human systems. Simultaneously, most practice “value-neutral” science. Yet (paraphrasing Herman Daly) true objectivity would mean having no preferences between justice and injustice, the interesting and the mundane, truth and falsehood, or sustainability and un-sustainability. Resolving these quandaries and implementing effective policy depends on democratic processes where costs and benefits are measured on multiple axes. This requires increased dialogue between scientists and citizens, with scientists also acting as citizens. Political science has refuted a “linear policy process” where…

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