Ideas for Sustainability

By Joern Fischer

Today I gave my own talk at the conference discussed in the previous few blog posts. Some of the conference had been a little less radical than I would have liked … and so I tried to change this a little.

The slides of my talk are posted below. My argument went like this:

  • Most ecologists, including at this conference, engage with food via a production focus;
  • This is problematic because more production has not solved food security problems so far;
  • Moreover, setting out to “meet rising demand” is ignoring that demand is rising because of two fundamental drivers of biodiversity loss and un-sustainability — namely rising consumption expectations and increasing human population;
  • Rising consumption primarily leads to obesity, not to more happiness;
  • Some human population growth is inevitable, but good family planning now could still make a difference of billions by 2050;
  • Focusing on cases such as rural Africa, instead…

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