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BFI is Now Accepting Applications for a Policy Coordinator Position

I’m not a jobs blog, but I play one on TV…

I have a lot of respect for and excitement about the Berkeley Food Institute, which involves people I hold in great esteem, like seminal agroecologist Miguel Altieri, my friend Alastair Iles and his faculty co-director Claire Kremen, and BFI’s Executive Director Ann Thrupp. An exciting Institute amidst a lot of exciting thinkers doing great work. SO, take your opportunity to work for them and apply!

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Policy Coordinator with the Berkeley Food Institute.

The Policy Coordinator at the Berkeley Food Institute will be responsible for implementing BFI’s policy program activities that are aimed to increase the usefulness, application, and impact of research (and education) at UC Berkeley that can inform or support policies for sustainable food and agriculture systems. The Policy Coordinator will serve as a liaison between BFI and relevant policy organizations, government agencies, and legislators who deal with food systems. She/he will help facilitate effective multi-directional exchange of information on key policy issues, by communicating research needs that are identified by policy-makers, and summarizing and disseminating findings of BFI/UC Berkeley studies that can inform policy making or effect change in this field.

For job details and to apply visit and search for job #18300. Please submit a cover letter and resume as a single attachment when applying.

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