A great opportunity to help shape an alliance of funders’ efforts on nothing less than The Future of Food. The alliance works on Agroecological TransitionsAdvancing Well-beingExternalities and True Cost Accounting, and Scaling for SustainabilityFrom what I know of their work, they support great on-the-ground work and are seriously interested in how to spread impact without losing the advancement of true social justice, agroecology, and sustainability.  See below.


Call for Applications for Working Group Coordinator 

Organization Name: New Venture Fund
Project: Global Alliance for the Future of Food
Position: Working Group Coordinator (Consultant)
Time requirements: 0.6 FTE Negotiable
Location: Negotiable
Application Deadline: Friday 12 September 2014 5:00 PM EDT

Global Alliance for the Future of Food

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is an alliance of foundations committed to cultivating healthy,  equitable, renewable, resilient, and culturally diverse food and agriculture systems shaped by people,  communities, and their institutions. The Global Alliance represents approximately 30 foundations from 10  countries with diverse interests and expertise, spanning health, agriculture, food, conservation, cultural diversity  and community well-being. At the core of the Global Alliance is a shared belief in the urgency of leveraging our  resources to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity, and in the  power of working together and with others to effect positive change. The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is  a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity that incubates new and innovative public-interest  projects and grantmaking programs.   The Opportunity  The Global Alliance is seeking a new Working Group Coordinator to support its four current Working Groups:  Championing Agro-Ecological Transitions Working Group (AETWG); Advancing Well-Being Working Group (AWBWG);  Externalities and True Cost Accounting Working Group (ETCWG); and, Scaling for Sustainability Working Group  (SFSWG). Overseen by the Global Alliance Coordinator and in close collaboration with the four Working Group Leads and  members of the Working Groups, the new Working Group Coordinator will build on the early strategic work that  has been done across the Working Groups and help the Global Alliance realize even greater impact vis-à-vis  advancing sustainable global agriculture and food systems. The Working Group Coordinator will have a broad  portfolio of responsibilities, including coordination and management of the Working Groups; strategy  development; critical thinking about issues, goals, priorities; project management; and monitoring and evaluation  of Working Group developments and the activities in which they engage.  As an alliance of foundations that aims to support the generation of new and different solutions at the global level  that take us beyond our usual strategies, we are seeking a qualified professional who can work in an adaptive and complex environment to advance knowledge and action around our four priority areas, help us to understand  each other’s activities better, and capitalize on our comparative advantages while focusing our collective energies  to influence effective change. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to help shape and support the thoughtful  stewarding of charitable, investment, and human resources for the ecological, economic, and social and cultural  well-being of the future of food.

Application at http://www.futureoffood.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/WGCoordinatorCallForApplicationsJuly2014.pdf.

More information on the global alliance at http://www.futureoffood.org/.

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