Deboer v. Snyder - Through a Lawyer's Live Lens

Plaintiffs renewed their Daubert objections to State’s witnesses Price, Regnerus and Allen, to recognize them as experts.

State renewed their motion in limine to exclude the second parent adoption issue.

Plaintiffs’ closing delivered by Kenneth Mogill

“The promise of equality is the promise of America”  15,000 gay and lesbian people living in Michigan, 2600 same sex couples and 5300 children of those people are being deprived of equality in Michigan. They have been subjected to pervasive institutionalized discrimination.  The legacy of discrimination remains.  The door is barred from entry into one of the most cherished institutions because they love the wrong kind of person.  Right to marry is a fundamental right.  Denial of that right is denial of due process under the Constitution.

No other group is required to establish parenting competency as a condition of marriage.  The denial of the right to marry is a denial of equal protection.

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