My take on Raymond De Young and Tom Princen’s The Localization Reader: Adapting to the coming downshift is now up at Landscape Ecology.

It’s (The Localization Reader) worth a read, especially for some of the beautiful and inspiring, classic and lyrical pieces pieces in it, interesting case studies, and psychological research but it disappoints (to me) in the end in terms of theoretical and technical depth. Elinor Ostrom isn’t even in the Index, for goodness’ sake (though she is mentioned in one pre-section introduction).

It struck me as a book in a “weird middle” (a phrase not included in my review)–good, but not enough technical detail for someone already with expertise in localization, but not enough good ol’ accessible, detailed and vibrant cases for the novice, not to mention it might leave the novice to think that there’s not much to this local thing in terms of theory and evidence (rather than reams of it). If you’re thinking of picking it up, I’d certainly encourage you to glance next to it (or more likely, look under the “Readers who bought this also…” tab) and grab (order?) Princen’s previous work, The Logic of Sufficiency, as well.

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