MJC:  Awesome, interesting commentary by Joern.

Ideas for Sustainability

By Joern Fischer

I came across a nice new paper in PNAS and wanted to share some thoughts about it. The paper focuses on tigers in Nepal; but we have a similar situation with bears in Romania! That is, people are everywhere and so are tigers/bears. Yet, they somehow, peceafully, co-exist. How? Why? Some interesting thoughts on this in the new paper by Carter et al.: Coexistence between wildlife and humans at fine spatial scales.


This is a nice paper worth reading for everyone who is (1) interested in how people and nature can co-exist sustainably side-by-side, and (2) interested in “human-wildlife conflicts”.

Carter et al. study the area within and around Chitwan National Park in Nepal. They compare fine-scale spatial and temporal patterns of human activity with those of tiger activity. They find that humans and tigers can co-exist because they occupy different spatial and temporal niches…

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