Because my OWN left hand can barely keep track of my right in this busy semester, more reblogs from Ideas 4 Sustainability. Really, you can just go there and read up on whatever you haven’t already seen. It’ll be worth your while.

Ideas for Sustainability

By Tibor Hartel

Here I present a caricature about how I perceive the reaction of intellect to the biodiversity loss and biosphere crisis.

The problem is that while there are many signs about the social and economic consequences of biodiversity loss, soil, air pollution and other types of environmental degradation, the society as a whole acts still like a wall – being resistant to the suggested ways to cope/solve these problems. To quote the Hungarian thinker Béla Hamvas: ‘It is amasing how pwople do not allow to be disturbed in their own breack down’.

The resistance (with few exceptions) is clear. But how scientists cope with/react to this resistance? I think with creating even more concepts and recombining the existing ones i.e. to ‘clarify’ them. Because, scientists may think: ‘This or that concept is still not clear enough, and this is why it is ineffective’. And here it is when…

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