More great stuff (from the archives), from Andra Milcu on Joern Fischer’s group blog, Ideas for Sustainability.

Ideas for Sustainability

This blog has a lot of posts on gaps: the sustainability gap, the yield gap, the research implementation gap, the connections among them and the possible solutions. Here I argue that political decisions could explain at least part of this “knowing doing gap”. In doing so, I will not bring so many pertinent references but rely on my young professional path so far.

First what is a political decision? Political decisions could be defined as decisions whose result is the emergence of power. In any particular historical situation they would be those decisions whose result is a modification of the previously existing power situation (Leoni, 1957). A more down-to-earth definition presents a political decision as „based on or motivated by partisan or self-serving objectives”. From my experience so far I would say that this second definition applies without fail to our everyday life.

Now how does a…

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