I recently presented “Ecological sustainability, food, and human rights: The necessity of ‘Action Ecology’” at Portland State University’s Social Sustainability Colloquium (and met with exciting new PSU faculty member Nathan McClintock). Excerpts of the presentation can be seen at Earthsayers.tv. It was recorded by Ruth Ann Barrett, Founder/CEO of Earthsayers.tv. Ruth Ann also included a link to the excerpts in her recent blog post, “To Scientists: It’s Not About The Climate“.*

A nice follow-on to her post can be found on the Ecological Sociology blog, in September 21st’s “Should we leave science communication to scientists?“. The blog post begins:

“The answer is no, according to John Beasley and Matthew Nisbet’s current article “How scientists view the public, the media and the political process” published in Public Understanding of Science…  The current post on Nisbet’s blog discusses the article further and includes the following informative graphic summarizing the difference between the deficit model (which most scientists accept and practice) and the alternative public engagement model of science sommunication [sic].”

And while you’re there, don’t miss November’s interesting “Climate Change Skepticism: An Anglo-Saxon Phenomenon?

*It should be noted that the PSU SSC presentation was an adaptation of a presentation I co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Blesh, presented at last year’s ESA meeting; a follow-up article by the students organizing the relevant symposium, “Revolutionary Ecology: Defining and Conducting Stewardship and Action as Ecologists and Global Citizens” can be found in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.

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