Check out the latest mailing from two pivotal and engaging figures of the food movement (Frances Moore Lappé and her daughter Anna Lappé). In case that link doesn’t work, here are the highlights:

  • An awesome Interactive Timeline, with over 150 landmark moments of the Food Movement
  • Frankie and son Anthony’s piece “Don’t Think of a Pig: Why ‘Corporate Greed’ Is The Wrong Frame
  • “EcoMind book tour to 14 cities, a rewarding whirlwind of learning!
    From Hawaii, where Governor Abercrombie’s agenda is food self-sufficiency, UMass Amherst where students dedicated a  permaculture garden , one special memory is Mt. Holyoke College (my talk is on C-Span).  A student told me that after reading EcoMind, she stopped scolding fellow students about the environment and started sharing her excitement about solutions. She’s making EcoMind her Christmas gift for friends and family. Yay!” (Frances)
  • “Dismayed about the demise of public discourse?  Take a stand with us!
    Upset by the collapse of basic standards in public discourse, I was shocked that Oxford University Press, the “gold standard” of academic publishing, is also caving: Its top officials defended their publication of a book on life-and-death questions of food and hunger containing no citations for its many inflammatory claims and no disclosure of the author’s tie to the Monsanto Co, about which he writes favorably. So, six distinguished colleagues and I are asking all who believe that democratic society depends on fair and fact-based exchange to please sign our petition at Scholarly Standards at Risk imploring Oxford University Press to uphold basic standards in scholarship.” (Frances)

I haven’t had a chance to read EcoMind yet, but got pretty good feedback from my students this semester who went to Frankie’s book talk.

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