As promised, this week in Hopey-Changery, brought to you by La Vía Campesina, can be found on Vimeo here. Highly recommended.

Further discussion of speculation and global food/trade issues can be found from several excellent pieces on the Triple Crisis Blog from Tufts University’s Global Development And Environment Institute:

Bonus Hopey-Changery can be seen here: Deep Ecology in Alemão–Society, Food, and the Environment. Project Verdejar in Rio de Janeiro has been seen successes from its work such as

“the city government order that the Serra be decreed an Environmental Protection and Urban Renewal Area (known by its Portuguese acronym “APARU”). The project is also responsible for preserving green space in the community of Sérgio Silva, an extension of the Alemão Complex, which sits upon the Serra da Misericórdia. The “Serra” (or mountainside) is almost completely destroyed as a result of granite mining and unchecked urban growth.”

Take a read.

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