Let’s have a belated “Bem vindo” (Welcome!) to our two new grad students, James Moore and Jude Wait!

James joins us from…  well, from here, having been one of the Chappell Lab’s first graduates from WSUV last year. Now an M.S. student, he is working on socioecological linkages–specifically biodiversity and food security–in urban agriculture in SE Portland.

Jude joins us most recently from Southern Oregon University, having completed a Master’s in Managament. Prior to that, Jude has worked with, for, and directed a wide variety of organizations, including nonprofits, government and indigenous groups. One of her most recent projects was as an editor on the Sustainable World Sourcebook. Her PhD research will likely focus on ecological sustainability and food sovereignty in SW Washington/NW Oregon-area urban agriculture.

Bem vindo, pessoal!


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